Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Navy Drama

Whatever the (manipulation of) episode is; SS is not the one to be blamed. How Travis Sinniah was fit to fill the role, equally SS is fit to the role.. I've work under both of them and personally know the two individuals.. System is to be blamed, yes, but not the man next in line.
SS was the best cadet and winner of Sword of Honour in his batch which includes both Travis and Niel Rosayro. He was Trained at Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth UK in International Midshipman Course. He was the CO of ship (SLNS Samudura) which has done longest voyage in SLN History ( From New Port USA to Colombo). He had been FAF4, Commandant, DNO, Area Cdr, DGCG and was the CoS for last 2 1/2 years. He took over as CoS from retired Adm Ravi Wijegunaratne; served under him as CoS and continued under VAdm Travis SInniah..
In Battle, he was awarded with WWV and RWP. Was the first OIC who rammed and destroyed LTTE boat with his FAC in the history of SLN. Long ASW qualified, staff course India, war Course Pakistan and NDC India.
Navy and Royal Naval College Dartmouth UK coloursman in Badminton. MSc in Defence and Strategic Studies from India and Pakistan and MPhil on Strategic studies from India.
(After all, he is a very fine gentleman, I'd love to meet him again one day in a ward room bar and to give him a guitar.. and to listen him singing..Woooww)
These are for you to see that he was the deserved candidate to be next CofN when Travis retires.. Nothing is his fault!
Bon Voyage Sir!
Photo Courtesy- MoD Website